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Aesthetically Pleasing Window Trims

Architectural Windows of Virginia customizes and installs window trim and millwork for any kind of structure in Richmond, Virginia. Whether your home's theme is contemporary, colonial, or oriental, we can easily match our design with the structure's overall look. Our company has more than 25 years of experience, so you can trust that we know what we are doing.

Cellular PVC

Our inventory consists of royal moldings made of cellular PVC. Cellular PVC is the perfect alternative to wood because of its moisture and insect-resistant nature. This kind of material is perfect for exterior trims.


We sell the trim in pieces, and we also fabricate it using a 20-foot-long oven. Depending on your request, we can bend the trim to any radius you want. We also build vents, louvers, and cupolas.

Wooden-Framed Windows and Door

Foundation Vents

Foundation vents can be created through wall exterior vents, cable in vents, and louvers that go below a window or a foundation to access doors, chicken coop doors, and ventilation. If you need a certain size foundation vent, such as 32 1/2, we can custom fabricate it. We usually complete these types of projects in about 48 hours. Our foundation vents are made of cellular PVC, so they won't rot.


Our team offers millwork for windows with trims, and we will customize standard windows according to your design and style preferences. You do not have to worry about matching profiles for historically authentic houses—we can do it seamlessly and precisely. We will put two or three member casings on the window, caulk it, and make it so it is set in the hole and the brick can be run for it.